Head Instructor

Coach Jamie Williams

Black Belt

Competitor and instructor under Master Pedro Sauer. Jamie is known for his technical instruction, desire to make others successful and creating an amazing learning environment.


Rick Gomez

As a lifetime educator in movement based programs, Rick brings the ability to break down a concept, drill, or technique into bite-sized components, so that he can then help you reconstruct it into actionable movement. More specifically, he brings nine years of assorted experience to bear in the following areas… Functional Training Methods for martial arts. Strength and conditioning. Sport specific skill development. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Muay Thai. Boxing, Judo. Aiki-Jujitsu. Tai-chi ‚Äč With these as his tools, he fully focuses on your objectives, and makes your goals his goals.



Master Pedro Sauer

Certified 8th Degree Red

Black Belt Instructor under Rickson Gracie

Professor Pedro Sauer was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where from an early age, he began training in the martial arts. At 15 his friend, Rickson Gracie, invited him to train jiu-jitsu with his younger brother, Royler. The outcome of this experience convinced him that jiu-jitsu was the most effective of all the martial arts.

Years later, in 1985, he was awarded a black belt under Master Rickson Gracie and Grandmaster Helio Gracie. In 1990, he moved to California with the original wave of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors. Pedro began his career as an instructor in 1986 and since has been recognized for the superior technical efficiency of his jiu-jitsu.

Currently, Pedro resides in Virginia and is on the mat regularly at his HQ academy in Herndon, Virginia: One Spirit Martial Arts (OneSpiritMA.com). He also has several affiliated schools across the country, and he visits them on a regular basis. He is one of the most highly sought after instructors in the U.S.

It is an honor for J3 Academy to be affiliated with Master Pedro Sauer.